Imaging in Mosquito Tarsi: Microscopy

Goal: Image as many cells as possible in the mosquito tarsi while applying different chemosensory stimulants.


  • Mosquito leg is hydrophobic

  • Scales seriously occlude imaging

  • Cells are really close together

[orientation images]

[360 image of tarsi]


Microscopy techniques considered:

  • Widefield

  • Airyscan

  • Spinning Disk

  • Volumetric LFM (considered but didn't try)

  • 2-photon (considered but didn't try)

Preliminary Imaging

I started this part of the project using imaging wells -- I started with Nunc Lab-Tek 4-well chambers, and also used Ibidi's very similar product. The important thing about the wells is that they have a glass coverslip bottom.

Short term tests

Test GC7 animals, test tarsi only --> get a KCl response using old imaging parameters